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keep christina olague from division five. >> i'm voting for anyone but olague. >> reporter: why? because she voted to re in staple mirkarimi. >> she thinks it's okay to abuse your wife. >> it's a political attack, that's all it is. >> reporter: she says after her vote two wealth wealthy businessmen ban to -- >> this onslaught of, was part after bigger agenda. i think it's really about rolling back a lot of the advances that we've made in the city. >> she elected politics over public safety, and the interest of victim of domestic violence. >> reporter: olague was appointed supervisor by ed lee.
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she surprised much of city hall when she voted against firing mirkarimi. >> i have no regrets about my vote. >> reporter: she will run on social media and ask expected to be e-mailed to some 20,000 registered voters in the california now has an all-time high of 18.2 million registers voters, the second of state announced that 950,000 new voters have souped up since the presidential election in 2008. officials say the surge in registration is due in part to the state's new on line system. but while voters registration is up, the number of registered republicans is below 30%. orange on 2, new poll shows california's senator diane feinstein has a lead over her
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opponent. 54% of likely voters support the reelection of feinstein, compared to 33% supports her opponent, a republican business woman. 13% remain undecided. held of the california republican party says he will not seek another term. he was elected as chairman of the state gop in 2010. he now says he wants to pause from party politic, his ten year has had a decline of register republican voters. he says he wants to finish work on two political books, and spend more time with his family. traffic is slowly getting back to normal in pleasanton after an overturned big rick snarled traffic for nearly five hours. this is video above highway 60 near the stone ridge drive off ramp. the accident happened around noon today, and was cleared to the center divide about an hour
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ago. the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital about, but still no word on his can. camp football is getting under was auc berkley. here ask a live picture -- uc berkley. here ask a live picture. it's the first-ever friday night game at cal, and that could mean big traffic delays. you can see the players on the field. cal ask playing the washington huskies this evening. rumors of a fight or shooting at a high school in oakland sent police to that campus. oakley police say police were told to stay in the classrooms for about 30 minutes this northern while about 12 officers converged on campus. police determined there was no threat, and school resumed as normal. investigators stay the incident stemmed from fights earlier this week. a few officers did remain on campus as a precaution. port of oakland workers gathered for protests today in part he because of refusal from an investigation that uncovered
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alleged misuse of public money. ali is live at oakland international airport with what the protestors are demanding. >> reporter: more than 100 port workers started the rally at terminal one, at the opposite end of the airport from where we're standing. and proceeded to walk across oakland airport, passes a lot of curious travelers along the way. at one point, port officials tried to stop the march by handing out the crease -- cease and dee says orders. -- desist orders. local 1020 union members say this rally was sparked by two things, the fact that more than 220 maritime and airport workers had been without a contract for 16 months, and profited by recent reports uncovered by ktvu about questionable expenditures.
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some included a 4500-dollar bill at a houston strip club, and hundreds of dollars at places like massage parlors, and bars suspected of being involved in prostitution. >> the way everything is, nothing is getting cheaper, he gallon of gas, gallon of milk, groceries. and i felt cheated and disgusted by it and where is this money going. >> reporter: port officials have hired an independent law firm to etch question the expenditures. the young wants the federal -- union wants the federal government to do its investigation. port wants workers to give back 15% of their salaries and pay more for healthcare. he spokesperson sent you this statement saying the port worker are the best compensated for classification of public sector work. if there is no resolution to this labor dispute by december,
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workers say they will consider going on strike, which would happen during the height of the holiday season. the reopening celebration of the remodeled wal-mart was met with a protest. worker and leader will calling for better conditions. they accuse management of retaliation. walmart says it takes any accusation of employee mistreatment serious. they say they have an open door policy of direct communication with its associates, which is effective. jury in santa clara county spent most of the day deliberating in the case of a principal accused of failing to report possible child abuse by a teacher. in less than an hour ago, the jury met with the judge to report that they are split 8-4.
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the main issue cop the division is whether lyn vijayendran of whaley elementary school had reasonable suspicion that abuse was going on. the teacher, craig chandler, explained to her that blindfolding a 8-year-old student and touching her and putting objects in her mouth was all part of a lesson. vijayendran faces 6 months in jail. the teacher is awaiting trial for molesting five children. deliberations are set to resume monday at 9:30 in the morning. some muni service in san francisco was shut down for nearly three hours after a man was hit and killed while walking along the tracks. it happened near the montgomery street station when the man was hit by a train. authorities say the man simply walked off the platform, and into the tunnel. >> the areas are clearly marked. and there's a barricade keeping people out of the access area. interest. >> so far, officials have not
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announced 9 identity of the man, the operator of the muni light rail vehicle was placed on non-driving status, pending a very long. san francisco police have arrested the man they say was caught on surveillance video attacking a muni station agent. police say 20-year-old wiley is the man with the bike. police received an anonymous tip. he was charged with three felonies battery and mayhem. belt month police are looking for a driver of a mercedes benz that struck a woman in a wheelchair. police say it happened about 6:45 lawmakers night. investigators say the -- last night, they say she was crossing a driveway when she was hit by a black mercedes sedan. the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. investigators say the driver has some interaction with the woman before taking off. the police are asking that anyone with information about the indication contact them.
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a huge monthly street party is getting underway right now in the heart of oakland. it's called first friday, and it is expected to draw tens of thousands of people as it does every month. jade hernandez is live with more. >> reporter: police have called for a. [ indiscernible ] protection of the city, but tonight, it's a more positive side to city life. >> few hours ago, the city of oakland closed off the street here at 19th and telegraph. galleries will soon open their doors to tens of thousands who will flock to oakland by word of mouth, and due to the first friday event. >> i think it's great, it's revived the whole neighborhood, police feel safer. >> reporter: rob owners a more affordable art venue. he knows safe isn't always a
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word to describe the city. are the police confirm they have reached a tally of 103 homicides this year, a number they didn't see until the end of last year. but the events has garners positive attendance for the city, the businesses and people that calm it home. >> now we have this really great event that, it's in people's minds. is. >> reporter: it began six years ago with galleries blow motoring -- promoting the oakland park murmur. now they have music, entertains -- entertainers, and vendors. >> this is a role model of our wonderful city. >> reporter: to keep safety a priority, we're told two times the patrols are used, private security and officers already assigned to the downtown area.
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>> i think it brings out a side that residents knew about, that maybe outside wasn't as widely known. >> i think it's revived the whole seen. >> is the events began five minutes ago, and runs until 10:00 p.m. they have shut down telegraph, we're standing in the middle of it. reporting live, ktvu news. >> the lags jobs report before the election was released today, new labor department figures show employers added a larger than expected 171,000 jobs across a broad spectrum last month. but even so, the unemployment rate went up from 7.8 to 7.9%. analysts say that containment because more people jumped back into the labor department. this new jobs report is considered the last snapshot of the any before the tuesday elections. new figures show california
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ranks 10 in the country when it comes to long commute times. california motor motorists spends an afternoon of 27 minutes to travel to -- average of 27 minutes to travel to work. on average, americans spends almost 4 -- 24 minutes getting to work. this morning, customers to be the first to get their hands on the smaller ipad, stood in lines that were not as long outside bay area apple stores. the lines were not as long as those seen when apple debuted some other products, including the iphone 5. many of those sold were mail ordered, but many say the price might be too high for a lot of buyers. family of a san mateo man electrocuted by a towned power lines take -- downed power line is taking act against pg&e.
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>> tonight, thanks to a generous donation, this small business is back up and running. we'll tell you how it all happened coming up. >> your weekend is right around the corner, we have fog to talk about, and which day on the weekend we can see temperatures in the 80s.
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1. family of a man that was electrocuted by a fallen line is suing pg&e. the lawsuit filed wednesday says paramedic couldn't immediately help him because pgi didn't turn off the high voltage current
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fast enough. a democrat is -- it plans to sell the press democrat and its affiliated publications to a recently formed company called is an nome media. the halifax company says the sale of the publications makes geographic sense. earlier this year, halifax punched the press democrat that -- purchased the pretty press democrat. a shoe sign operator in san francisco is back in business tonight after rowdy crowds destroyed his stand following the giants world series win. we are live with who offered the helping hand. alex? >> reporter: five days after vandals burned his business, larry moore has a new stand, and customers are back. it's thanks to a generous donation from the city recycling contractor, and the man who shines people's shoes is back on his feet.
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workers from the company assembled a new shoe shine stand >> this is where larry moore has made his living for the last six years, and now he's grateful to have his business back. we talked with larry on monday after vandals burned his stand during a rowdy celebration of the world series victory. >> i'm overwhelm overwhelmed. this is the best city to live in. these people will come out of the woodwork to help people. >> reporter: the fire at his stand was more than just a minor set back. for someone who used to live on the streets, but now barely makes enough money to rent a room at a residential hotel, and shining shoes has kept him clean and sober. >> it's my livelihood, at my sobriety-hood. >> reporter: the recycle elming contractor noticed the --
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recycling court tore noticed the damage. >> if you give, then, you know it, will come back, and we are glad to do a little bit of that for him. >> reporter: the police told us today there have been no arrests in connection with the fire. he hopes the people who did this understand how much damage they really did. >> i pray for them, i really do. i hope they see this and -- do this in your neighborhood, not ours. >> reporter: moore has received more than $10,000 in donations all from strangers who want to make sure this business stays here on this corner. standard time resumes this sunday which means an extra hour of sleep for all of us. at 2:00 a.m. on sunday, daylight savings time ends and standard time begins. fire officials suggest when you set your clock back an hour on saturday, check the battery in
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your smoke alarms. jerry sandusky. we've got clouds -- and we've got some clouds out there, some showers, and -- some showers showing up north of here, we might see a little drizzle as we go into the evening hours, so listen, it's going to be a really, really, really nice weekend. these are the highs from today, highs tomorrow will eclipse these by about 5 degrees, highs on sunday, we'll see maybe 80 in fairfield on sunday, maybe 80 in livermore. very fall-like. chance for that -- you know what i'm talking about. especially north bay, in the east bay, in livermore, santa rosa, it's patchy, not widespread, but there. there was a bunch of this in the central valley. down to modesto to fresno, lot of fog. i know a lot of you travel in
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that corridor, so be careful. patchy fog overnight, but the weekend looks good. clouds will go away, high pressure is just sending them way. and temperatures go up: notice that, when the low pressure goes through, that rain we had the other day, the high fills in, and as it builds, winds go offshore. this pattern repeats its self all year. so how do you know it's going to heat up? i know there's a high behind it. we get this. warmth, if you will. fire danger, might be off the table. we have a little bit of moisture on the ground. not that worried about the moisture so that's good. hopefully we can put that to bed, 75 in danville, 74 in livermore, 75 in gilroy. along the coast, coastal fog is not an issue. i think san mateo coastline, down santa cruz, they have the championships going on. kelly slater is down there, wherever you go, it's going to
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be really, really nice weekend. saturday and sunday, sunday, julie the warm -- warmest. it's important to me they're held accountable. >> coming up, on tv36, she says she was abused as a student and a school. today, she is speaking out. the new claims made against her that have her outraged. >> the presidential race comes down to the wire with the focus on jobs. how two takes on one race -- >> high school football game of the week is a crosstown rivalry. i'll have a live report coming up
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it. time for our high school football game of the week, where san ramone valley and month vista is playing. we have a preview of the game. joe? >> reporter: yes, this is the 50ed time these teams have met, long time coach craig bergman is with us. first of all, just this rivalry,
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and peek talk about the records, but with the two teams, that holds true, doesn't it? >> over the years that i've been here, it doesn't matter if one team is 0-9 on 9-0, it's going to be a good team. danville always comes out. >> it's an unusual situation when you look at the two teams' record, you are 6-3 overall, 3-2 in the league, the valley, 4-5 overall, but 4-1 in league, and they can get a co-championship if they win. so it's a well balanced league, typical of what this league has been about. >> the records are deceiving, they lost to good teams, so you have to throw those out. they've been playing well as of late. they are a great team, well coached team, and we have to come out ready to play. >> we talked about this, this game is for crosstown pride, but for positions in the north coast section playoffs, because both
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teams -- >> both are qualified, so we will be in the playoff. you have everybody here, both schools are excited about it, both teams are excited. it won't matter if there's nothing out there other than for bragging rights, that's the number one thing. >> when we think about your team through the years, you guys have been quarterback-u, and people didn't hear much about akita. >> he has progressed quick we are than we thought. he has a great arm, his knowledge of the game is better each week. he's only a junior, and hasn't played a lot of football, but the progress has been encourages, and we look forward to good things from him. >> it's always a good game. things for talking with us. this the site of the best football game. so good luck. thank for coming out. craig bergman, well's hear from mark kessler tonight at 7:00.
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reporting live from -- >> coming up at 10:00, supporters of proposition -- >> join us at 9:00, a look book at the giants incredible -- back at the giants incredible season.
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they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools.
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prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.

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